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Effects for Climates, Weather, Clothing, Hunting, Camping, Food and Starvation

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WARNING: there is currently a limitation in DFU that makes this mod cause mods loaded after it to bug out. To avoid this, simply place Climates & Calories at the absolute bottom of your mod list.

Climates & Calories

A mod for adding temperature and starvation effects to Daggerfall.

A big THANK YOU to Hazelnut and BadLuckBurt for helping me make this and putting up with all my newbie questions.


Status Text
A rolling text at the top of the screen informs you if the mod is affecting you in any way.
There is some Khajiit-specific text and a full set of Argonian-specific text.

Status Popup
The Status function brings up a textbox informing you of the current situation and any advice about how to deal with it.

"Temperature Effects"
When too hot or cold, you will start losing fatigue. This starts as an almost unnoticable effect and then scales up.
When the temperature gets severe, it will start slowly debuffing all attributes except Luck.
When the temperature gets extreme, you will start to lose health.

Climate, Seasons, Weather, Time
The climate zones shown in the map (see screenshots), as well as what month it is, the weather and time of day affects how warm or cold it is.

Swimming, wading, rain and snow will make you wet. The wetter you get, the colder you get.

What you wear affects your temperature. Warm day? Cloaks protects against rain and snow.

Metal armor starts to heat up in extreme sunlight. Counteract this effect by covering the armor with a cloak. If it is cold, the metal will get cold as well.

Nords and Bretons prefer the cold. (But Nords also have Resistance to Frost)
High/Wood Elves and Khajiit are neutral.
Redguard and Dark Elves prefer the heat.
Argonians love heat and hate cold. They are affected slower but harder by temperature effects.
Vampires gain resistance to cold and take increased damage from hot sunlight.
Werewolves/boars gain some resistance to heat and cold and are immune to all temperature effects when in beast form.

Class Resistances
Critical Weakness, Low Tolerance, Resistance and Immunity to Fire/Frost drastically alters how much cold or warmth your character can handle.

Check the weather
Looking up at the sky for a few seconds will make text appear, describing what your character thinks of the current weather. (This also works in dungeons by looking up at the ceiling.)

Clothing Damage
The more extreme the temperature is, the high the chance that a random item will receive damage. Leather Armor is also affected by this.

Armor Rust
When wet, you armor might start rusting.

Camping Equipment
Buy Camping Equipment so you can set up a tent while in the wilderness or a campfire in dungeons. Protect you from temperature effects while resting.

Going days without food will start to wear you down.

Eat at taverns or buy food items in stores to bring on your journey.

Make sure to bring one or more sack of rations on long journeys. While not as invigorating as fresh food, it will keep you from starving.

When traveling in the wilderness, if you are Lucky you might spot animal tracks or other sources of food.