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Makes 2D NPC's killable.

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Killable NPC's Version 1.1

This mod makes the NPCs you see in buildings killable. They will not come back. As far as testing goes, I've killed a hundred of NPCs without issue. As this is Daggerfall, the game and its players are unpredictable and have endless possibilities. You can never really test enough to find all issues. For those running through the main quest,  expect bugs or errors for I do not have time to go through everything. Please list any unintended side effects on the bugs page.

How does it work?
You know NPC's aren't entities like villagers or monsters, so how does it work? When you attack an NPC, it registers that NPC as the last clicked NPC and then immediately on the same frame runs a quest. The quest runs the Destroy quest action therefore removing the NPC. The C# script attached to all NPC's (On entry to their buildings) will then spawn the bodies and loot.

Thats right, this mod tracks dead npc's by using the quest system. Each NPC kill will be one quest. Thats in order to keep them dead, and to keep them being selected for random quests. As i also said, this component is attached to them upon entry. If a NPC isn't killable, transition through a door and go back in. Quest npcs that spawn after entry will also be immune since they spawn afterwards. If you want to kill them leave and come back.

Want everyone you killed to come back? Purge your quest list. Once the quests are terminated, they will return to the world of the living. Since this uses the quest system, thats why warn of players going too crazy. This world has literally tens of thousands NPCs. All of which were never meant to die. That means if you kill 15,000 NPC's thats how many quests you'd be logging. I'm sure something is bound to break if you go too crazy. Though it could be interesting to see the result. Killing of essential NPC's is also an obvious risk. I don't know how the game will continue to function with a main quest. Its pretty obvious to say dont kill important people if you want to beat the game.

I made this for roleplay purposes where only a few NPC's might be killed even if I was a bad character. It's not meant to kill off the world lol.

Any Conflicts?

-Vanilla Enhanced: Animated People.
Some work, others don't. I'm not entirely sure why but most people seem to not be able to be killed. Need to look into more.

-World of Daggerfall
There is no way to tellwhen the player finds a location that might have an NPC therefore the trigger to check for NPC's never runs. NPC's probably arent killable in those locations but it works fine otherwise.

-Cities Overhaul
Some NPC's are correctly set up and can't be killed but it works fine otherwise.

How to install:

Extract the mods folder within the zip file into your streaming assets folder. Should be Vortex supported.