Daggerfall Unity
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An easy way to use a controller with the Elder Scrolls II Daggerfall!
One thing to install and that's all!

Permissions and credits
DaggerPAD! (Beta)
Daggerfall Unity with a Controller!
What's new:
Added uninstall option in the configurator

0.5 (not published)
Fixed: when exiting map and pad not responding
Fixed: Program not ending after the game is quitted

Added Vibration/rumble

Daggerfall is my favorite Elder Scrolls Game, I spend hours on it when the game was released in 1996.
But I am a bit olderer now and I enjoy playing with a controller because I am a bit lazier too! So as I did for Morrowind, I develloped this little program.
And if you're enyoy it, please endorse or consider paying me a beer... coffee I meen!
It's not fully finished, there's few bugs and I've only tested it on my pc for now, but I'll still work on it.

The program is in beta so it's important for me if you can take the time to leave a comment if it's working for you (or not).

How It Works?
You won't have to manage another software to play Daggerfall Unity with a controller, the only thing you have to do is launch the game with the shortcut Daggerpad on your desktop.
If you have any problem with the program, please check the F.A.Q before comment, I won't answer if I already if the solution is already in it!
I've simply used the antimicro engine and the autoit language. Took me few days and here we are!

What do you need?
-Daggerfall unity installed
-An Xbox One Controller (not tested with a Xbox 360 controller, check the post tab for more info)
-Click to attack checked in the launcher

Download it (file tab and manual download) and uncompress anywhere you want.
Run DaggerPad Configurator, and click on install select your Daggerfall unity (outside the folder) then click on the open button.
If everything is working as it should, run the program with the new shortcut created on your desktop.
Click on launch game if needed and enjoy!

The controller layout

You can check the Readme.txt or the image
A Activate
B Exit
X Ready Weapon
Y Jump

Right Trigger Attack with weapon
Left Trigger (re)Cast Spell
RB Select Spell - Then a to activate the first time
LB travel map

Start Inventory

Select Map (and map mode)
A 2/D 3D Mod
Laft Stick arrows up down left righ
Right stick rotate left and right
Dpad UP zoom +
Dpad Down Zoom -
Y 2d/3d MAP


Guide Toggle between Steal/Grab/info and Dialogue Mode

DpadUp:        Travel Map
DpadDown:    Character Sheet
DpadLeft:    Float Mode
DpadRight:    LogBook

It's not working for me!
Please let a comment and I'll answer it if a have a solution or if I'm working on it.

Why anyone want to play to daggerfall with a controller? Why did you do that?

Why not and Because I can.

The shortcut is not created on my desktop

Check that your AV program hasn't stop the creation process (It was the case for me with bitdefender for instance)

Nothing happens when I try to launch the program with the shortcut.

-Be sure you have selected the daggerfall unity folder on the installation process then pressed open, not inside the folder
To be sure, To do that go to your daggerfall unity folder and check if this files are in the folder:

How do I uninstall it?
Delete Runner.exe and Pad.ini from your game folder, the deskop shortcut and the installation folder or run the configurator, select uninstall then select your daggerfall unity folder.

Sometimes when I quit the map, the controller doesn't respon anymore?
Try to open the map again and quit then try to press the M on your keyboard and quit. If it's not working, save and restart the game. I'm working on that. Fixed in 0.5.

The behavior controller does't correspond to the picture
You probably changed the keyboad layout, try to reset it

If you see my mod/program anywhere else, please tell me!

Don't forger to endorse if you've enyoyed it.

Bon Jeu!