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Make crops found near farms lootable for classic ingredients with a chance based on harvest ability and character luck.

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Use Vortex or place harvestablecrops.dfmod inside StreamingAssets/Mods.



Harvested crops are removed from terrain for a certain number of days, called GrowDays in settings. The default value is 10 but you can change it.

Harvest Chance

The chance that harvest is succesful is based on two parameters:
  • The progress in harvest ability, as a sort of simple harvesting skill raised by harvest attempts.
  • The luck skill, acting as a modifier between -5% and +5% for base chance.

When you start, the probability of a succesful harvest is only one out of ten, but it increases up to 95% for one ingredient and 85% for a maximum of three ingredients per crops when skills are maxed. If you don't like the concept of harvest failure, you can set the option AlwaysSuccesful which will cause skills to only affect the number of ingredients with one item guaranteed.


Don't you think that it doesn't make much sense that farm owners always let you take all their harvest as if is not their property? With this mod you need a positive reputation in the region to be allowed to grab ingredients. If you are disliked by the farmer you have to rely on stealing, which can make things worse... This feature can be disable by setting NeedReputation to off.

Winter Crops

Classic game has crops in all seasons, even in the middle of the winter. This is solved by this mod.


Use Vortex or remove harvestablecrops.dfmod from StreamingAssets/Mods.


  • Compatible with any texture mod. Not compatible with mods that replace the entire crop object.
  • Works great with Real Grass.