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Mod: Daggerfall Skyshards
Mod Version: 1.01
Mod Creator: Uncanny Valley

Adds 192 Skyshards scattered around the world. For each third that you find and activate, you gain a +1 ability bonus (Strength, Intelligence, Agility, etc...)
in a pre-determined order. All Skyshards are located outside; some close to civilization, others far of in the wilderness.

You can find your first shard outside Privatee'r hold.
Skyshards emit a strong blue light which makes them easier to spot at night. They also emit a sound that can be heard from quite a distance.
When activating a skyhard, you will get a message on how many remain in that region. You can also activate alredy "claimed" skyshard to get the information again.
Climbing is a very usefull skill with this mod. When arriving at a new location, find the highest structure and use it to survey your surroundings.

Added 24 more Skyshard (for a total of 192), most of which can be found in more easier to find locations
Tweaked the size of the lightbeam to make the Skyshard easier to see from a distance
*Optimized the graphics and code for better performance

No known compatibility issue with other mods

Installation instructions
1.Unzip and open the folder that matches your operating system (Windows/OSX/Linux)
2.Copy the "daggerfall skyshards.dfmod" into your DaggerfallUnity_Data\StreamingAssets\Mods folder
3.Make sure the mod is enabled and "Mod system" is enabled in the starting menu under "Advanced -> Enhancements"