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Allows for fast-travel within the confines of dungeons and town exteriors.

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Travelling about huge towns and imposing labyrinths that have already been well-tread can be a
source of pain for many players of Daggerfall.  This mod attempts to alleviate some of that pain by
adding a usable inventory item which allows the PC to mark relevant spots and retrace their steps
with little effort.

The Delver Compass allows for fast-travel within the confines of dungeons and towns.  It is a fairly
common item that can be purchased at most General Stores for a moderate price.

Using the Delver Compass for travel costs time and fatigue.
These costs are influenced by such factors as:
-Distance travelled
-Speed attribute
-Streetwise skill (if in town)

While fast-travelling in a dungeon, there is a small possibility of contracting a disease or sustaining
an injury for characters above level 4.  The probability is influenced by Luck, Agility, and
distance travelled. 
Nearby magic portals in dungeons often interfere with the Delver Compass.

While fast-travelling in town, there is a possibility of encountering thugs at night, and cutpurses during
the day.  The probability is substantially higher if there is an ongoing crime wave in the region.
The Streetwise skill and Acute Hearing can help here.  If the character's Streetwise and Pickpocket skills
are high enough, they can simultaneously pick the pockets of any cutpurse encountered.

There is also a possibility of contracting the plague while travelling in town, if there is an ongoing
plague in the region.

Just drop the appropriate (OS Specific)  *.dfmod into your Mods folder.