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Death Dates asks players if they would like to have their fate written in the stars. If they agree, upon leaving the starting dungeon, players are given a random age and a random time to die. Could be a year, or 60 years into the future. Live your life, you don't know how much time you have left.

Permissions and credits
Daggerfall is a fantasy life sim. The only other part not implemented is death. Death Dates gives players a random death date. Once that date is reached, you will die for one reason or another. Age, sickness, or some other effect. Inspired by the life aspects of Daggerfall, try out Death Date to see how much you can accomplish in your Daggerfall life before the end.

Version 1 - First Release
-Gives the player a random age upon enabling it on that save. Check your current age with the "I" key.
-Your random Death Date is then generated upon acceptance. Live as short as a year or as long as a hundred.

-Does NOT delete your save. You simply can't progress past a certain point.

-Upon your death you'll be greeted with an end screen telling you how you died, where you will be buried, and how those you affected will react.

What I'd like to implement in the future:

-Birthday gift from Guilds

-More ways to subvert your mortality besides vamperisim.

-Options to just have your player age with no death

-Options to have a minimum age and maximum age be set by player.

-Mortal Wounds/ Disease to decrease your life expectancy


1. Open the folder that matches your operating system (Windows/OSX/Linux)

2. Copy the "deathdate.dfmod" into your DaggerfallUnity_Data/StreamingAssets/Mods folder

. Make sure the mod is enabled