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Adds a chance to encounter travelling alchemists at taverns you can buy potions from.

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Adds a chance to encounter travelling alchemists at taverns you can buy potions from.
Like a lot of people, I'm not a big fan of Daggerfall's design decision to restrict the ability to buy potions to membership of certain guilds. So I decided to work in this little workaround to make buying potions accesible to all players, inspired by this post (https://forums.dfworkshop.net/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=3987) by Magicono43, every time you enter a city or hamlet, some "Travelling alchemist" NPCs will be spawned inside a couple randomly chosen taverns, who will offer you their potions when clicked.

Implementation is a little barebones. Since there's no way to trigger the potion merchant screen through the quest system, I had to find a workaround. Each alchemist will only be carrying up to 3 random potions, and they'll offer them to you through yes/no prompts.

The price of potions will be affected by your mercantile skill:

Mercantile 0-19 = 150% base price
Mercantile 20-39 = 125% base price
Mercantile 40-59 = base price
Mercantile 60-79 = 75% base price
Mercantile 80-100 = 50% base price

Update 1.2 Edit:
There is also a small chance to encounter travelling alchemists in the wilderness.
You can trade with them just like the ones you find in taverns.
However, you can also attempt to rob them by succesfully landing a hit on them, but doing so will lower your legal reputation. The chance to succesfully rob them increases with your Streetwise skill. If you succeed, they will hand you some potions for free and leave.

If you fail, they'll keep attacking you, but you'll still find some potions in their inventory if you kill them.


Unzip the file inside StreamingAssets/Questpacks. To get the mod working in an existing game, you'll have to open up the console and type "startquest TA0". It should start working automatically in new games.


Delete the questpack


Currently, the alchemists will offer you any of the vanilla potions, except for Heal True or Purify, as I couldn't figure out what the keys of these two potions were. I'll patch them in once I figure it out.
The uesp wiki for some reason doesn't list the base price for the potion of Water Walking, so I decided to just assume it costs 100 gold for the time being. If anyone knows what the base price is, please tell me.
I might create an optional update that also adds in the potions added by mods like Potions of Iliac Bay or the Archeologists Guild.

EDIT: Small fix. I had accidentally mixed up the keycodes for the potion of healing and the poion of stamina. I fixed it now