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Steam Controller Configuration with full functionality and parity with keyboard and mouse

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Noticing the lack of a proper steam controller configuration, I came up with this to offer full parity with keyboard and mouse.

Most button have a 2nd bind if held, as this was the only way to get a full mapping. Also has the ability to bring up the on-screen keyboard for finding locations when fast traveling, or for specific number input.
Mouse input on the right pad has track ball on w/ low friction and low acceleration as that is my go to feel. I think it feels great, but other my disagree. Makes it slightly hard to select spots on the map with the accel, since they are so small and hard to pinpoint as it is. No gyro as I tend not to use it.
You might need to lower your in-game sensitivity some. Or you can lower in the config, but generally the community consensus is it's better to have the sensitivity on the higher side in the controller config and lower the in-game sensitivity.

Bindings are as follows:

Right Touchpad: Mouse | Switch Weapon/Hand(Press) | Abort Spell(Hold)Left Pad: [Up]:Travel Map(Press)/Console(Hold) | [Right]Interactions Toggle(Press) | [Down]Transportation(Press) | [Left]Information(Press)/Screenshot(Hold)

Left Stick: Walk | Run (Push to Edge) | Crouch(Press Down) | On-Screen Keyboard (Hold Down)

"Select": Rest(Press) | Quicksave(Hold)

"Start": Main Menu(Escape)

Left Bumper: Cast(Press) | Recast(Hold)

Left Trigger: Attack(Right Mouse)

Left Paddle: Use Magic Item(Press) | Divide Item Stack(Hold) | Levitate Down(Hold)

Right Bumper: Ready Weapon(Press) | Cursor/Enter(Hold)

Right Trigger: Activate/Cast(Press)

Right Paddle: Jump/Levitate Up(Press) 
*ABXY have a second binding for quick numbers so you don't have to bring up the keyboard for loitering, renting rooms, ect. They have their main binding, then if you hold they input backspace(to clear residual entries) then 1/12,3,6,9. Holding A first puts in 1 then adds a 2 for 12 if you keep it depressed.

A: Journal(Press) | Notes(Hold) | 1/12 (Long Hold)

X: Automap(Press) | 3(Hold)

Y: Character Attributes(Press) | 6(Hold)

B: Inventory(Press) | 9(Hold)

Hopefully this can be beneficial to some. Let me know if there are any issues or if I'm forgetting anything.

Config Link (Open in/with steam)