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Retextures paintings with high-resolution artwork. All images are scaled to 10 times their original resolution, or 100 times the pixel count. Additionally, images are presented in 24-bit color for much more vibrant scenes. This SFW (Safe For Work) version contains no nudity. (WIP, some images not yet available.)

Permissions and credits
Requires Daggerfall Unity 0.10.26a or higher.

The paintings are organized into .cif archives, labeled APAINT through WPAINT. Each archive has 8 images, except W, which only has 4 images. The images are labeled with a zero-based index, giving them APAINT0, to APAINT7, etc. to WPAINT3. For simplicity, I mostly just call them A0, K3, etc.

I've grouped the images into three categories:

  1. 142 "nature" images consisting of A0 through R4, as well as W3. They are photographs of trees, mountains, horses, cows, etc. There is an occasional building or fence, but they're mostly just nature, hence the group name. This category is currently not finished; only 42 of 142 images are in the mod.
  2. 29 "painted" images consisting of R5 through V0. They are photographs of real-world renaissance paintings from about 1450 to 1750 A.D. Images S1, T0, and U0 have mild nudity (codpieces aren't technically nudity, but I'm counting it that way) that I've edited out for this SFW version of the mod. Images T1, T2, T3, and U5 have rather blatant nudity so I've replaced them with other pieces of the era.
  3. 10 "nudes" consisting of V1 through W2. They are photographs of naked girls. For this SFW version of the mod, I've replaced them with non-nude, fantasy-themed images of girls that aren't particularly salacious.

Images have been selected from various online sources that are copyright free, and don't necessarily look precisely like the originals. However, all images have been selected to match the concept of the original as best as possible. (With the exception of the four blatantly nude images, "painted" images come directly from the original, real-world paintings, and have been cropped to look as close to the original game as possible.)

Images in SFW versions (this mod page) contain no nudity. Where possible, original images were altered to remove the nudity. Where not, new images were selected that contained no nudity to begin with.

NSFW versions of the "painted" and "nudes" series also exist, that contain nudity where it was present in the original game. They can be found on the HRP - NSFW mod page.

  1. Download the file. (You'll want a "nature", "painted", and "nudes" file for your OS to cover everything.)
  2. Extract it so hrp - sfw seriesname.dfmod is in your ..\Daggerfall Unity\DaggerfallUnity_Data\StreamingAssets\Mods folder.
  3. Enable it in the Mods menu when you start the game.
  4. Enjoy!

It should work with the Vortex manager, but I haven't tested it.

Either delete hrp - sfw seriesname.dfmod from your mods folder, or just disable it from the mods menu.

Future Updates
  1. Finish the "nature" series and get it uploaded.
  2. Do a "hand-painted" version of the "nature" and "nudes" series for those who aren't interested in photographs.

Individual mods come with a web document that links to all the original images. In a couple places, the original image had nudity, so check the description before clicking the links if you're not interested in seeing it. "Painted" images come from Wikipedia commons, while "nature" and "nudes" images come from Pixabay.

Thanks to pango at the DFWorkshop forums for helping me figure out which real-world paintings belonged to certain classic images.