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Wanna lighten taverns up a little? How about some tavern games? This mod uses the quests system to spawn NPCs you can play tavern games with!

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Wanna lighten taverns up a little? How about some tavern games? This mod uses the quests system to spawn NPCs you can play tavern games with!

Inpsired by this post by andromacus

How does it work?

Ater you've spent 2 hours in any city, hamlet, village, or inn, the game will choose some taverns to randomly spawn 5 NPCs you can play darts, cards, arm wrestling, chess, and a drinking contest with. Every 2 hours these NPCs will despawn and new ones will be placed.
Each NPC will place a random bet between 1 and 100 gold.
EDIT: Changed the way the bet works. The original version tried to remove the gold from you if you lost by using the "take _bet_ from pc" command, which doesn't work for money. I changed it to "pay x gold do _y_ otherwise do _z_". The only drawback is that that command doesn't accept any randomized values, so each bet is now a fixed 75 gold value. If you lose and don't have the 75 gold, the patron will call a couple buddies to beat you up.

Each game is associated with a player attribute


Value of said attribute will determine your chance of winning

0-9: You will always lose
10-19: 10% chance of winning
20-29: 20% chance of winning
30-39: 30% chance of winning
40-49: 40% chance of winning
50-59: 50% chance of winning
60-69: 60% chance of winning
70-79: 70% chance of winning
80-89: 80% chance of winning
90-100: 90% chance of winning

In their original post, andromacus proposed a couple games that would test two attributes at the same time. I found this too complicated to code for now, but might add it later, or simply update when I come up with new games.

1.1 Update:
Cheating has been implemented!
When you choose "yes" to the start game prompt, the game will ask you if you want to cheat.
If you choose to cheat, a roll will be made to decide wether you get caught or not. The lower your stealth skill, the more likely it is you'll get caught.
If you don't get caught, the game's win roll will be made like you had 20 points more in the relevant attribute (e.g. If you succesfully cheat at arm wrestling with 52 strength, you'll have a 70% chance of winning instead of 50%)
If you get caught ceating, some of your opponent's friends will try to beat you up.

1.2 Update:
Replaced the NPC flats with more appropriate ones.
Made NPCs from this mod start spawning less frequently and stopped them from spawning altogether in smaller sites like inns and villages to reduce the risk of overwriting existing ques NPCs.


1. Download the file.
2. Unzip the file inside StreamingAssets/Questpacks
3. If you're starting a new game, it should start working right away. If you're using it on a game you already started, you'll need to open up the console and type startquest TGMASTER to get it running. If this doesn't work, your version of DFU might only be able to start quests inside StreamingAssets/Quests from the console, so try moving the contents of the folder to StreamingAssets/Quests and try again.