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Turija -- who goes by the username Acerac on Nexus

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This is a Xpadder profile for Daggerfall to allow Daggerfall to be played with an Xbox controller using Xpadder.

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You need Xpadder in order for this controller profile to work.  This was designed for an Xbox 360 controller.  Individual controls are as follows:

"A" switches between cursor and camera mode.
Right trigger activates the center object (space bar) and also functions as a left mouse click.
Right stick controls the cursor in cursor mode and the camera in camera mode.
Left stick controls movement (including swimming and levitating).  Side to side movement works well in interior spaces but in the exterior areas of the world, side to side movement may be restricted.  You can still move forward and control direction with the camera (right stick)
Left bumper, hold to run.
Right bumper uses magic item or potion.
Dpad up brings up the spell menu (cast spell).
Dpad left aborts spell.Dpad down recasts spell.
Dpad right toggles the menu bar/full screen
"Y" is jump.
"B" switches hand.
Left stick click toggles sneak.
Back button brings up the rest menu (holding the left trigger lets you type in 1, 0 or 3 with the Dpad up, left and right buttons, so you can wait without needing the keyboard to type in how long).
Start button brings up the save/load menu.

"X" button draws weapon.
To swing the weapon, hold the left trigger and move the right stick to swing the weapon, while holding the left trigger down.  Moving the stick side to side slashes the weapon side to side.  Moving the stick forward thrusts the weapon and pulling the stick back does an overhead chop.