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Replace one of High Elf, Wood Elf or Nord with the Orc race. The new race inherits the characteristics of the one it supplants.

New male/female bodies, and 10 new(ish) faces for each gender. All the rest is player-chosen in character generation, anyway.

Permissions and credits
Note that the download contains an executable (rochay.exe) that is used to patch the Daggerfall code. It has been checked for viruses, so don't worry about running it via the .bat files provided.

Orcs expects the final patch version 213 of Daggerfall, and will check for this during installation.

It will modify the file FALL.EXE to change the name of the race you choose to replace, and also replace the nude body and face files for that race.

This will be done after copying the affected files to a backup folder, so it can all easily be restored.

Unzip the installation files into the Daggerfall directory and then run Nord.bat, Highelf,bat or Woodelf.bat, according to which race you wish to replace. e.g.

    C:> cd Orcs
    C:> Nord

If you unzipped the installation files somewhere else, you can provide the complete path to the Daggerfall installation when running the installer bat file, e.g.

    C:> cd Orcs
    C:> Nord c:\dagger

The installation will create a sub-folder "new" containing the patched Fall.exe before copying it back into the Daggerfall folder, and an "original" sub-folder containing the unpatched files.

When you create your character, choose the province your replaced race comes from. You'll still  get the prompt about creating a Nord, High Elf or Wood Elf, and the racial bonuses will be those of the donor race, but you'll get to choose an Orc's face at the appropriate time, and in-game references to your race will say "Orc " or "Orsimer " (with that extra space).

Please report any problems in the Bethesda Softworks Forums, Past Elder Scrolls Games section. I'd prefer a forum post, so that I don't get duplicate reports of problems from others who won't have seen the PM's or emails.

Tools used:
http://slushpool.dfworkshop.net/ has most of them, including rochay.exe - which is used to patch the
Daggerfall executable; TEMPLATE - the quest building tool.
The GIMP was used for most of the image work.