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This mod fixes the numerous errors left by Bethesda in vanilla (DOS) Daggerfall's graphics for player character's clothes, armour and some inventory items. It stays as true to the source material as possible and does not introduce any new features or alter the images in ways that deviate from the original intent or art style.

Permissions and credits
The original release of Daggerfall contained numerous errors with images of clothes and armour for the player character paperdoll. This problem was never addressed in any of the official patches released by Bethesda for the game. This mod is aimed at fixing as many of these errors as possible without compromising the authenticity of the art style and the developer's intent.

The major errors with character clothes and armour can be grouped as follows:
  • many human female armour pieces do not properly change their colour depending on material, leaving large patches of dark grey (very noticeable with such materials as Elven or Dwarven); this affects almost all greaves and some cuirasses
  • female Elf clothes and armour do not match the characters' body shape, which is identical to that of human females
  • male Elf clothes similarly do not match the body shape, although this is less noticeable
  • female Argonian, female Khajiit, male Argonian cloaks have wrong body shape and thus have "holes" in them
  • certain inventory items, such as Small statue, Icon, and Holy dagger, as well as some of the artifacts, have distorted colours because of excessive palette swapping that involves different item materials
Additionally, there are multiple minor issues with certain items for every race in the game, including wrong colours, wrong item offsets, missing parts of the image etc. The complete list of what's changed in every file can be found in the readme file included with the mod.

To install, simply copy all TEXTURE.xxx, *.IMG and *.CIF files into the ARENA2 folder of your Daggerfall installation.

This mod can be used with any DOS version of Daggerfall and with Daggerfall Unity as well. DaggerfallSetup includes a much earlier version of this mod, so if you've installed the game with DaggerfallSetup, it is recommended to update the files as well. The mod is cosmetic only and does not affect gameplay in any way.