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Changes how the hotbar looks in-game from crumbling slate to something less gray.

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The screenshots show what the mod does. I expect that this is compatible with the Unity Daggerfall Project in case anyone is wondering; I haven't tried it personally, but I don't see why there would be any issues. There are a lot of things I don't like about it - it probably won't see further updates.

"Mr. aHeadyNord, there are some minor graphical glitches involving my character's portrait."
There are some minor graphical glitches with some of the character portraits - there isn't much I can do about this unless I make a patch for each of them. I might not be able to do that, due to some limitations with .CIF files.

"What does it say behind the health, stamina, and magika bars, respectively?"
DYING, TIRED, and TAXED, respectively.

Other stuff I made: https://headyemptycontent.blogspot.com/