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Play as Almalexia in Daggerfall.

Permissions and credits
*** Description ***
This is an extremely basic (for the moment) mod that simply replaces the body of the high elf to 
Almalexia's body from Morrowind and adds in a head to match.

*** Installation ***
Copy files from the "arena2" folder into the "arena2" folder in Daggerfall's directory. If you need 
to uninstall just download the original files.

*** To-do ***
-Import background
-Add armour as separate item
-Add Hopesfire as separate item
-Add quest to receive armour and Hopesfire

*** Permissions ***
There's not much in this mod of use to anyone, but if you can find a use for some part you're welcome to use it, just credit me if you do, thanks.
And if you are going to use some part, just contact me and I can send you the original art files used to make it.