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Just a quick file swap. 8ug8ear's Netrunner Suit now replaces the netrunner suit for female V.

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Complete the look with my 8ug8ear's Cyberware.

  • Choose only one file (original color or black). Extract all files to "...\Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\patch ...\Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\mod". If the mod folder does not exist, create it.

  • Wear any netrunning suit as female V and you will see the 8ug8ear suit in replacement.
  • Regarding the FIGHT LIKE A GIRL typography (text):
    + You can remove it using this mod here
    + this was not visible in the original 8ug8ear side quest.
    + if you're wearing regular netrunning suit (any rarity), the text will disappear if you wear any clothes in the Outer Torso slot.
    + if you're wearing the iconic netrunning suit, the text will not disappear even if you wear any clothes in the Outer Torso slot.
  • I can realistically only swap this with the Netrunner suits, since any other Inner Torso item e.g. a tank top or t-shirt can appear with the purple nevernude underwear that clips. It also doesn't work when slotted in Outer Torso at all (massive glitch).


This is a simple file-swapping job; I'm not a pro. Technically it should not cause any issues at all except for some visual glitches such as the following:

  • Clips with most Outer Torso clothing item (except for the racing jumpsuit). All kinds of coats and jackets and vests will clip.
  • In first person, if you have a high enough FOV, when you look down you will see some visual artifact stretching from the crotch to the floor. If you spend time looking down you will be very bothered. Otherwise it works fine in the inventory screen and in photo mode :)
  • Since I am a noob who learned this literally a few hours ago and don't know jack about proper 3D work, unfortunately I cannot provide much technical support (outside of the usual issues with installation).

  • Delete basegame_8ug8ear_suit.archive from "...\Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\patch".

  • Takemura's cyberware, but I have to figure out how to make the neck and parts of the body invisible first. I already have his shirt.
  • Trauma team set: the meshes are all there and minimally work, except for some horrible first-person visual artifacts at the bottom of the screen when you look down. Padhiver and I are not comfortable with officially releasing it yet.

rfuzzoIT - CP77Tools for extracting and packing .archive files
20ld - I rely on his spreadsheet a lot to speed up my work

The kind pros over at the modding discord who've been very welcoming and helpful :)

  • SilverEzredes
  • CrazyPotato
  • Padhiver
  • WillyJL