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Introduces "exotics" from the TTRPG- bio-engineered human-animal hybrids. Includes 8 playable species options for V, exotic NPCs in the open world,.exotic-themed environmental assets like billboards and shards, and optional changes to Judy, Panam and River.

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Exotics, first introduced in the Cyberpunk 2020 tabletop RPG, are humans who have given themselves animal-like features through genetic engineering, surgery and custom cyberware as a kind of extreme counterculture fashion statement.

Once only available as a bodysculpting option for wealthy eccentrics, by 2077, a revolution in cheap transgenic "biosculpting" has made the option available to everyone.

This mod adds exotic jaguars, snow leopards, black leopards,  cougars, tigers, foxes, wolves, and fennecs to the game, both as NPCs in the open world and as playable options for V.  It optionally turns River into a wolf, Panam into a cougar, and Judy into a fennec.  It also adds various exotics-themed posters, signs, and animated billboards to the world, as well as overhauling the Animals gang with exotic characters, including an anthro rhino model.

To install the mod, extract the .archive files to your Cyberpunk2077\archive\pc\mod\ folder- if the "mod" folder doesn't exist, you'll need to create it.

To disable V appearing as an exotic, exotic background npcs or the changes to Panam, Judy, or River, just delete the corresponding .archive file. Note the the core ExoticsCO.archive file is needed for all of the archives except ExoticsCO-AnimalsGang.archive to work properly.

To change your species, select a "skin color" option during character creation. Note that if you're using this mod with an existing saved game, you'll need to visit a ripperdoc and make sure "skin color" is set to one of the enabled options to avoid fur texture glitches.

Update history:
1.1: Separates the player assets into their own archive file, which can be disabled to play as a human with exotic NPCs. There should also be somewhat less shoe clipping among exotic NPCs.