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some MINORLY tweaked NPC complexions for V. Fem V for now, starting off with five of the gals.

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Some minor complexion options for V, both f!V and eventually m!V. 

the complexions so far are listed 'in full' on my pinned comment as well as the WIPs I am working on, PLEASE check there before you request a complexion.

Furthermore, individual complexions will be packed in a single zip file for you to install manually - I'll pack them as ready2go files eventually, it's just so much work, and I'd like to play the game lmao


installation instructions:

download the file(s) you want, open the zip and and drop into your game install folder
idk how to use vortex for this so good luck :)


note: i don't take requests that aren't delivered with money and i do not intend to do a lot modding wise for cp77 if i can help it. several people made requests and i am honoring them but wah


rfuzzo for the cp77 tools <3
and the cp77 modding discord where i lurk and learn <3
and also me who else lol