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Manage mods for your game or edit its core settings. Manager in beta.

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This program is still in the early stages of development. Some things just won't work. Please let me know about any suggestions and needed features. Use with caution.

My first attempt to modding (in a very basic approach). The premiere of Cyberpunk 2077 is an opportunity for me to learn something new and I decided to start with a manager. This application was written in C♯. It only uses the core libraries from Microsoft (plus LZMA, 7-ZIP and SevenZipSharp for unpacking).

Often times, good tools written by good programmers aren't pretty. That's why I, as a bad programmer, chose one of the main goals to make the manager looks nice and only later functional. Therefore, you may encounter a lot of bugs.
The application was written in .NET 5 WPF C♯ technology. It is distributed as self-contained or framework-depend. Therefore, you will find two identical files, one approximately 20MB in weight and one 100MB. Second one has all the libraries inside, thus you don't need to install anything extra.

System.IO.Exception on first launch?
Probably Windows Defender or Antivirus is blocking access to the Documents directory

WARNING: This application may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.
If you want to skip the hacking console during the first start - hold down the Shift key while starting the application.

Your help and opinion is invaluable. I am happy to hear all proposed changes and corrections.

Manager is available in many languages. In the additional files you will find a package with all language versions. You can send me the corrected version (e.g. on DM), or write a new translation.

  • English:
  • Polish:
  • Czech:
  • French:
    Clement Chevallier @clementinise, SLDDL @SLDDL
  • Turkish:
    Batuhan Becel @evetbecel
  • Portuguese - Brazil:
    kansasmuc @kansasmuc
  • Simplified Chinese:
    翻译 @Terry13143
  • German:
    Onus @DennisEK__
  • Russian:
    Максим Игнор @i9nr
  • Hungarian:
  • Korean (South Korea):
    GaMERCaT @sfaas
  • Italian:
    Darkinght99 @Darkinght99
  • Spanish:
    Nathan Garratto @TheNarutimate11
  • Japanese:

Previously, the modding community quickly adapted the basic rules for creating mods for The Witcher 3.
So please, if you create mods and want to make things easier for me - and users, follow these tips:
- Name your main archive mod{MyName}-{v.1.0.0}.zip (rembember that source code of ZIP & 7-Zip is freely available, RAR is not)
- If your mod adds a modification, add its folder to the mods folder inside the archive root path. (start folder name with mod{MyName})
- If your mod adds a DLC, add its folder to the dlc folder inside the archive root path. (start folder name with dlc{MyName})

- If your mod adds a bin files, add its files to the bin folder inside the archive root path. (drop files directly into this folder)
- If your mod adds a engine files, add its files to the engine folder inside the archive root path. (drop files directly into this folder)
- If your mod adds a r6 files, add its files to the r6 folder inside the archive root path. (drop files directly into this folder)
- If your mod adds a plugins files, add its files to the plugins or bin/x64/plugins folder inside the archive root path. (drop files directly into this folder)

A little extra from me, if you want to send additional information to the manager and import all data immediately - add to the root of the archive folder file: modmanager.json, with content as below:
"name": "My Awesome Mod",
"author": "Gerwand of Rivia",
"website" ""
"version": "1.4.3",
"category": "Graphics",
"explicit": false,
"priority": -1

Game directory structure:
└───_Cyberpunk 2077
    │  └──_x64
    │     └── Cyberpunk2077.exe
    ├── engine
    ├── r6
    ├── mods?
    └── dlc?

Sample mod directory structure:
An extensive modification that changes or adds game files
  │  └──_x64
  │     └──_plugins
  │        └── pluginfile.asi
  │  └──_config
  │     └── giweights.json
  │  └──_config
  │     └── inputContexts.xml
  │  └── modMyMod?
  │  └── dlcMyMod?
  └ modmanager.json

Modification in the archive root directory
  │  └── loremipsum.dll
  └ modmanager.json

Folder with the modification in the 'mods' directory
  │  └──_modLoremIpsum
  │     └── lpremipsum.dll
  └ modmanager.json

Plugin in the archive root directory
  │  └── pluginfile.asi
  └ modmanager.json

CPMM is licesned under GPL-3.0. Other works based on GPL, LGPL, MIT, OpenFont licenses were used to create this software. CD Projekt, Cyberpunk 2077, Arasaka, Militech logos were downloaded from the public resources of CD Projekt S.A. and are owned by this company. Cyberpunk 2077 is a registered trademark of CD Projekt S.A. All logos and names are the property of their rightful authors and are used here only for visualization purposes and to facilitate understanding of the information presented.

Source code:

The interface design used in this application:

Third-party software used to create this tool:
- Cyberpunk & Cyberpunk 2077 created by the CD Projekt S.A & Mike Pondsmith  
- C#, WPF & .NET Core by the .NET Foundation and Contributors    
- C# Object’s Data To An Xml, Json, Or Binary created by the Daniel Schroeder  
- 7Zip & LZMA libraries created by the Igor Pavlov and Contributors
- SevenZipSharp libraries created by the Vadim Markovtsev, Thomas Piart, Joel Ahlgren and Contributors
- Micon font created by the Mehdi HosseinZade
- Fira Code font created by The Fira Code Project Authors under the Open Font License.
- Lato font by the Łukasz Dziedzic