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About this mod

AI-generated Ariana Grande voice-over for female V in English (US) including grunts and moans!

Permissions and credits
I took most of female V's English voice lines and processed them through AI to sound like Ariana Grande.

Before installing, make sure you don't have any other male V voice-over mod installed!

Compatible with version 2.12


  • Different experience of V
  • Preserves V's intonation and sass
  • Includes optional file to change grunts and moans as well!
  • Phantom Liberty included!
  • Johnny-possessed V voice lines are kept untouched
  • Most of voice effects were kind of preserved


  • Pronunciation is often not great
  • Has trouble pronouncing some words, like "Asagaka" instead of Arasaka
  • Some effects or glitches are mouthed by the AI

Showcase video

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Huge thanks to @CurryCatx for the massive support by providing me with the Phantom Liberty DLC!