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This mod changes lighting an adds subtle bloom effect with a fake hdr n adds a gritty feel to night city..
will update n change over time...

HD Reshade and ULTRA HD Reshade with mxao and fxaa features enabled.


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adds a fake hdr effect.
add filmic color effects for more natural lighting.
tiny amount of bloom to make signs n lights pop.
few other little bits to sharpen textures etc.

Ultra HD Version adds fxaa n mxao fine tuned so edges n fine details in cars walls anythin that has depth has some shading to it...
If theres any bugs with Ultra HD Jus disable Mxao and it will be the standard version.
presets have had abit of time spent so far to get a decent light color balance but still improvin on them.

my specs.
EVGA RTX 3070 8Gb XC3 Ultra with a overclock so near on a 3080
32gb tforce 3200mhz ram
i5 10400f 
1tb crucial nvme..
normal version of reshade will run on almost anythin that can run game decently as it doesnt touch fps but UHD takes away about 10-12 fps for me.