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Game progression for male corporate V with goal to achieve all unlocks and best outcomes, as I saw them. And we need more save games, for its more better.
Character attributes and skills are cheated max, not planning for vanilla, imho it just restricts some options and doesn't provide challenge anyway.
Description will contain spoilers.

Permissions and credits
unpack to: %userprofile%\Saved Games\CD Projekt Red\Cyberpunk 2077

1-Act1-Start-Corp-Vanilla        sliderskills 6/10

2-Act1-Start-Corp                     above + money, items, max perks/skills.

3-Act1-SidesDone-Corp           above + Act1 sidequests finished, before final mission.

4-Act2-Start-Corp                     above + Act1 finished, Jackie sent to family.

5-Act2-SidesDone-Corp           above +
  • If you wish to replay from different angle, this is the best pick. Completed sidequests are mostly mundane, story and unlock-as-you-go sidequests are the best ones imo.
  • Courtesy of techno-necromancer cat, your apartment reeks of catpiss.
  • All "Organised Crime" and "Reported Crime" done, most "Crime in Progress" undone.
  • Available vehicles collected.
  • Available uniques collected and upgraded to max dps, preference towards crit and crit damage.
  • Sidequests done, except Skippy and ones that unlock as story progresses.
  • Meredith "done", saved you the trauma.
  • Cyberpsycho 16/17, last one unlocks along with Panam's questline.
  • Skippy quest untouched, make your own sacrifices or check
  • Delemain quest completed by destroying the core.
  • Story missions untouched, except two Takemuro missions with no choices. Panam/Judy/River/Kerry all open, check the 'how-do-i' page above for extra options.

6-Act2-AllDone-Corp                above +
  • Story missions completed up to Point of No Return.
  • Newly available vehicles collected.
  • Newly available sidequests completed.
  • Newly available uniques collected. Johnny gear legendary, max slots and without quest icon.
  • many "Crime in Progress" still undone.
  • Skippy quest in Journal and not turned in. With help of console, in headshot mode and happy. While in weapon wall, still emo.
  • "Divided we Stand" unique lost ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  and added back with console. Cant be crafted to higher tier.
  • Saved you the trauma of not punching Fingers.
  • Sided with NetWatch during Transmission.
  • Peralezes is Dreaming On.
  • Takemura is, not was.
  • Panam romanced, Judy is friendly and awol. Kerry not romanced.
  • Johnny at 70%, albeit that's not actually required for anything
  • Unsellable bioware removed, if higher tier is also owned, except for 2 that game expects you to have at beginning. Not a problem on early save, these were picked up from stashes etc