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A collection of resource images to better show each of the vanilla fingernail polish colors/designs available in the character creator.

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A collection of resource images to better show each of the vanilla fingernail polish colors/designs available in the character creator. 

Close-up hand images of all 37 polish options as well as images zoomed in to a single fingernail to better showcase harder to see design details. (61 images in total) 
Each image is labeled with the corresponding number for easier use in the Character Creator as well as the Value name that appeared in the save editor I used. (Cheat Engine via mod linked below)

Image Name:   nails 37 - grey light
Character Creator “Nail Color” # :   37
Cheat Engine “Finger Nails” Value:   a0_000_pwa_base__nails_grey_light

It is a simple resource file I made for my personal archives that I thought may be useful to someone else. 

I tried to resize the images to a small file size without compromising the clarity. (FINGERS CROSSED)

All images taken in Vanilla in-game (mid-day) lighting.

All nail color names/numbers should be accurate but some don’t make sense. Who knows why CDPR named them that way and chose the icon but honestly there are bigger concerns to focus on at the moment. (Example in image section.)

**This is my first time uploading anything other than screenshots so please let me know if there are any issues.**

Have fun in Night City & happy modding!!


Thanks to Trixthetrixter for making it possible to easily swap nail colors (and a bunch of other things) in-game! If you haven’t already checked that mod out I highly recommend it! (Mod that utilizes Cheat Engine I mentioned above.)

Hair and color changer in game  
Created by:  Trixthetrixter


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