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Add all kinds of vests into your inventory using the console command.

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Tired of visiting the clothing vendors here and there to get yukatas, chest rigs and tactical vests that you like? Me too! Use this mod to add all the vests available in-game into your inventory.

Cyber Engine Tweaks mod so you can use the console in-game. Please install or update to the latest version :)

  1. There are 10 files separating the different types of vests, e.g. bikers.lua (for biker vests), ballistics.lua (for ballistic vests), and tacticals.lua (for tactical vests).
  2. Choose which one you want, two, three, or all of them, up to you.
  3. Extract <filename>.lua to "bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods".

  1. Launch the console in-game.
  2. Type the following command: dofile "<filename>.lua" or dofile("<filename>.lua"). For example if you want puffer vests, type dofile "puffers.lua".
  3. If it works, the console should say Added puffer vests into your inventory. Enjoy!
  4. Check your inventory and you should see all puffer vests available in-game are there in Common rarity.
  5. You can use this mod to convert them to Legendary if you want.

  1. Delete <filename>.lua depending on the type you want to uninstall.