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About this mod

This is my best attempt of recreating Ciri from The Witcher III.

Now with New Game + and works with Save Editor from Snapdragon2

Permissions and credits
New game Plus :
  • Start new game as Nomad, Street Kid or Corpo-Rat.
  • LVL 50 and LVL 50 Street Cred
  • 10 millions Eddies
  • 49 attribute points
  • 300 perk points
  • All recipes
  • Legendary Mods and Cyberwear

Warnings :
  • In order to have the same result as the picture, you will need to download a hair color and eyes color mod ! 
  • White Hair color mod  :
  • Green eyes color mod :
  • Make sure to read the mod description

Installation : 
  • Just download the text files with the settings
  • The save files are normally located in "C:\Users\<youruser>\Saved Games\CD Projekt Red\Cyberpunk 2077\..." Extract the save file "ManualSave-xx"  from my mod in your save folder. In the game load this save.

Credits : 
  • SilverEzredes for his hair color mod And eyes color mod