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Adds 27 new, fully modular PRC - compatible items in slots 16, 17, 30-50, 77 . Includes most pieces from the old Vol.1 and a bunch of new ones as well!

Permissions and credits
Requires PRC Framework. Make sure to read the description of the framework.
Fully compatible with PRC - Vanilla Piercings.
If pieces are in the same locations, they have been put in the same PRC slot for efficiency. They would clip otherwise anyway.

This mod utilises morphtargets. which means refits and recolors will happen automatically.
For the Flower (48) and Nose Diamond (50) piercings, you need to select a color for the second submesh manually. Recolor files provided in the folder.

I would not recommend using Lower Lip Fangs (37) together with Lip rings (only 36&37) due to clipping.

Only available for Female V at the moment. Setting up Shapekeys in Blender and importing everything as morphtargets takes a lot of time and effort, and i currently do not have the time to make everything available for Male V as well. If anyone wants to do it, hit me up on discord and the assets are free for you to use and upload for Male V.

Install :
1: Download and extract the files
2 : Choose which piercings you want using the provided reference images and put the selected files in archive\pc\mod

Uninstall :
1: Simply delete the files from the mod folder

Special Thanks to:

-Auska, for unlocking morphtarget import, which made this possible.
-Manavortex, for helping immensly with tons of random problems i've faced during the
creation of this framework and related mods.
- Rosslin and Priterna, for taking some great pics!

If you have any ideas/suggestions/requests for the next accessory packs, contact me on discord with meshes or reference images. I cannot guarantee I will make your request, since I'm fairly busy irl nowadays. But I'll add interesting ideas to the list ;)

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