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Seaching for that "Forza-Feeling"? Better handling, drifting and working suspension/shock absorber for CP2077.

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This Mod aims to provide the most realistic driving expirience for cyberpunk.  I tryed out the other driving mods and for me nothing was there what nails it perfectly. So i started to make my own file and i think it is really god. What you get:

- better curvebeahvior
- possibility to drift
- better suspension with working shock absorber
- better breaking behavior
- better handling for bikes

So i personnally ask me why they never put the "forza"-feeling in a open world game. I dont say this is the easiest way to drive but in my opinion its the most realistic feeling i could get out of the ini-settings after hours and hours. Specially drifting is fun and you can now drive in the desert without bumping in the air like a mooncar. I made a short video with a showcase.

I also recommend a controller and made screenshots of my controllersetting with the ps5 controller.
Please keep in mind that you still have to "onetab" the handbreak (x on ps controller, A on xbox) to enter a drift.
My favorite is the normal version, but i also made a version which feel a little bit mor arcady an makes drifting slightly easier and a grippy version for M+KB.

Special thanks to stoker25 which uploaded the ini-list to make this changes possible.

Installation: put the ini file to Cyberpunk 2077\engine\config\platform\pc.

If you like the mod and want to check out my reshade which i am using in the vid aswell:

For a better first person driving-experience, I highly recommend:

Please leave a comment and endorse if you are satisfied with this mod. If you like to get me a coffee hit the donation button.