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About this mod

An overlay which solves Breach Protocol by trying all the possible moves. Shows the path which you have to click to get best results. If it isn't possible to hit all the sequences, best option is picked starting with last sequence.

Permissions and credits
Supported version:  - ANY - Cyberpunk Version
Currently build for FullHD (1920x1080) - other resolutions will be scaled but results might vary

THE GAME MUST BE RUN IN WINDOWED - BORDERLESS mode. Otherwise, the overlay will not be drawn.

Reads the Matrix, Sequence and Buffer using OCR (Tesseract).
Plays all the possible moves and finds the best move set to ensure as many sequences are hit.
Shows an in-game overlay with what you have to click to win the game.

This is the first version and I expect bugs. Remember, OCR is not 100% perfect and might sometimes fail when reading information (the matrix or sequences) depending on various factors. If such cases occur, it will help if you attach a screenshot of your Breach Protocol to the bug report. If you don't do that, I can't help you :).

How to install it
1. Download the .zip 
1.1 Ensure the .Net Core Runtime is installed: 
2. Extract it wherever you like (i.e: Desktop)
3. Installation Done.

How to use it
0. Start Cyberpunk, ensure the Breach Protocol screen is open.
1. Start CyberBreach.OCR.exe as Administrator
2. Switch to the game window 
3. Press "Home" to start the Tool - It will take a screenshot, so ensure your mouse pointer is not hovering important data.
4. Press "END" to HIDE the overlay.

Configurable Parts - Settings.json
<!--Use the link below to find the key codes you want to use-->
<!--Key Code Mapping = -->

1. KeyCodeStart - allows to bind other key for Starting the overlay
2. keyCodeStop - allows to bind other key for Hiding the overlay
3. IsDebug - will save every single picture processed - I recommend not changing this to True
4. GreenThreshold - used to detect installed daemons - in some conditions, based on user's settings, altering this value will increase the accuracy of detecting already installed daemons - (0-255)

It doesn't work on my end! what should i do?
- Please try to move it to Desktop and Run it as Admin.
- Install .net core - 
- ensure you setup the correct keys for START/STOP
- ensure you execute the file yourself, not via some other program

Is it safe to use?
- I have no idea, i've had no reports of anyone being banned, but you use it at your own risk!!

Open Source code for you to make it better if you want: comming soon..

Please use the Github page to ask for features, it is easier to track.

Known Issues:
1. Other resolutions (except 1920x1080) are not supported yet. 
The scaling is not proportional so the indices can't be scaled easily. I will have to create specific code for each resolution and I need screenshots for that. I would suggest you give it a try anyway and post screenshots with the result - this way I will have materials to implement the code for that resolution.
2. Some character groups might not be correctly read - OCR Perk 
Because the screen is read with software, some groups might not be read correctly and this will break the app. Have in mind that UI Altering mods, different lighting, specific changes to the Game Interface will affect the accuracy of the mod.

lolp1 - for his overlay, this version contains it.
michel-pi - for his overlay, this version contains parts of it.
TESSERACT and Backtracking!