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16 custom photomode poses for both Vs using ArchiveXL (AMM version also available).

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Is the front facing camera your worst enemy? Do you find yourself standing in front of the bathroom mirror a lot?
Now your character can update their profile photo on that dating app, show off their six pack or send unsolicited dick pics to random people on the internet.

【 About this pose pack: 】
This is my first custom pose pack, I remember seeing this being requested a couple of times (thanks afterdark for the reference pics!) and since I wanted something relatively simple to practice with I decided to give it a go. There's a total of 16 poses for now (10 are single, 2 are for chooms, and 4 are for couples), and I may add more in the future. You can find them in photomode under a new category, "GHOST Mirror Selfies". If you want to use them in AMM make sure to grab the optional file as well.

Check out the gallery to see how folks got really creative with these poses!

Version 1.2: The phone will now automatically be in your character's hand (photomode versions only).
Synced/paired poses are now snapped. This is really easy to do and I've made a little graphic below to explain how. (If you're using a spawned NPC the idea is the same, just target the NPC instead of the Replacer).

How to automatically position your characters:


ArchiveXL, TweakXL, and their requirements.
AMM is required if you want to use the poses in AMM.

【 Installation: 】
Manual: Unpack the zip (using 7-zip or winrar) and drop all folders directly into your Cyberpunk2077 game directory.
You can use Vortex to install too, but I can't help much with that as I've never used it.

【 Known Issues: 】
T-Posing in AMM: Not something I can fix myself, but here are a few things to keep in mind:

- Freezing (freeze target) the first character will allow the second character to be posed.
- If T-posing is persistent try teleporting to another area and trying the pose there, once you find they start playing you can return to the original location and they should play.
- Using poses from different categories seems to cause T-posing for me. If you have multiple versions of the mod installed make sure you're using poses from the same pack/category. If you have a pose from one category selected and playing, make sure to stop/cancel the pose before using another one in a different category.

【 My other pose packs: 】
Whale & Wasp (Couple Poses)
Bedroom Pack I (MM, MBM)
Bedroom Pack I (MF, FF, MBF)
Bedroom Pack II (MM, MF, FF)
Bedroom Pack III (MM, MF, MBF, MBM)

【 Thanks to: 】
Zwei, Hera, Afterdark, Chase, Lokiina, sh00kspeared, and GothicRainbowPanda for testing and taking shots!
xBaebsae and Zwei for the custom poses and animations tutorial and Blender resources.
Manavortex for the ArchiveXL and AMM custom poses tutorials.
The three CP77 Modding servers I've been lurking on and learning from, and all the tools they've provided.

And thank you to everyone for putting this on hot mods!

If you enjoy my work, feel free to check out my Patreon for other content (not mods).