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Modded Male V, NG+ style save file,

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Modded save-file for those who wants a decent-looking male V with a lot of goodies; think of it as a New Game+ save, with the difficulty spiked to Very Hard.
This file has the following:

- Male V with Nomad Lifepath
  - Appearance is based off of Michael Cassidy's appearance in Batman Vs. Superman, where he plays Jimmy Olsen in the beginning parts.
- Modded clothing brought up to Legendary quality, with full mod slots. Some sets already have mods pre-set to give the best balance between Armor and Crit stats.
  - Assortment of filter/gas masks
  - MaxTac set
  - Coat similar to Takemura's
  - V's Starter Clothes, post-Lifepath intro
- All blueprints available
- Near-limitless amount of resources and almost 100 Million Eurodollars
- Set immediately after the Heist and Playing with Time; Almost all missions are ready to be played in your particular order
  - The only side-quests complete are as follows:
    - Beat on the Brat: Kabuki
    - The one involving MaxTac in Jinguji, City Center
    - Gig: Woman of La Mancha
- All vehicles available
- A decent amount of weapons
  - Almost all weapons are at V's apartment wall