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Just a conversion of my Garrus VTK facepaint, so it works with UV Framework for Masc V! Fem UV coming soon for even more body compatibility!

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Hey! Thanks for clicking on my mod! Please be aware this is Masc V only; made to work with KS UV framework!
Special thanks to caffeinatedrogue over on Tumblr for assembling a guide for me!!!

I am a certified Garrus appreciator, and thought it'd be fun to add his face paint into the game!

I have recently set up a Kofi page; if you'd like to support me and my mods:
MeltingAngels Kofi

For Mass Effect Legendary Edition players: Nexus Modder Wesus69 has converted this mod to work with FemShep!
Check that out here: LE3 FemShep Garrus Face Paint Complexion

This mod is super easy to install; I reccomend manual as you can make sure the files go where they need to go.


1) Install KS UV Framework; go to the page linked and follow their install instructions.
(I use the UV Vanilla I think, but it should work with any of the KS UV setups)
2) Download this mod.
3) Unzip the Zip file to somewhere on your desktop/PC.
4) Check the 'Read Me' note file.
5) Place the 'archive' file in your mod folder.On Steam, the folder path is as follows:


(The 002_ at the start of the file should ensure the correct place in the load order. If it doesn't show up for whatever reason, try adding a ! to the start of the file name; that's worked for me before)

6) Load up your game, and the tattoo should appear on your face!

This is Masc V only; see my page for the Fem V/VTK version- Fem UV uploaded!