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Increase V's carrying capacity via a hotkey.

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Increases V's carrying capacity by 9999 with the press of the Page Up key.

From what I've noticed V's carrying capacity is not persistent. Regardless of what it is set it to prior to saving, reloading the save or restarting the game reverts the carrying capacity to its stat/perk based value. If this is incorrect please let me know.

After adding copious amounts of clothing to V's inventory with SBOX and some other scripts, having to copy and paste the command to increase V's inventory became tedious.

Similar to Untrack Quest by WillyJL, this mod assigns a console command to a keystroke.

Patch 1.1
Mod updated to work with patch 1.1. Credit to tuxpanic in the comments for suggesting the updated script.

1) Install Cyber Engine Tweaks
2) Download mod and extract/drag the "bin" folder to your Cyberpunk 2077 folder or use the mod manager.
3) Assign hotkey of choice to "Unlimited Carry Capacity" within Cyber Engine Tweaks.

Delete the "Increase Weight" folder from \Cyberpunk 2077\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods