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This mod provides city hack functionality such as opening and unlocking any interactable door in the city, turning city devices on and off, controlling cars, elevators, and other hacks. More will be added as time goes on.

Permissions and credits
What does this do?
It adds a menu to your game that allows you to control many aspects of things around Night City. HACK THE PLANET!

Update v1.0.4 - 1/11/2021
  • Added motorcycles to be able to toggle lights and engine status
  • General code cleanup

Update v1.0.3 - 1/10/2021
  • Added more vehicle controls including engine and light states
  • UI update
  • More error state checking

These are great to explore mission areas that have since been closed off or getting into places you really shouldn't be.
  • Open/Close Doors
  • Set Door Auto
  • Set Door Manual
  • Reset Door
  • Restore Access to Elevators - This is a big one. Will restore elevator panels that read "OFF" to their working state. Simply look at the call elevator panel and click this. Big thanks to neecapp from Discord for his effort here.

Take over control of all sorts of devices, like Turrets, Traffic Lights, Cameras, TVs, Computers, Radios, Vending Machines, Traffic Lights and more. 
  • Turn On/Off
  • Activate/Deactivate
  • Cut Power - Note: Once power is cut to most objects there's no way to get it on again!

Stage a photoshoot or cause mayhem using these tools.
  • Open/Close Vehicle Doors, Hood & Truck
  • Destroy - Stand back! Car will explode and kill any NPC in or near it. Cops spawn!
  • Lock/Unlock All Doors
  • Set Immortality Mode 
  • Honk & Flash Lights
  • Turn Engine On/Off
  • Set Light states

  • Kill - Kill any NPC with the click of a button but watch out for police!
This mod requires at least version 1.8.3 of Cyber Engine Tweaks mod.

How to Install
Extract the ZIP file to your CyberPunk 2077 install folder. The ZIP file will extract to the following path:

Cyberpunk 2077\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods

How to Use
The mod window will appear by default when opening the CET console. If you'd like to toggle it's visibility, you can use the F2 key.

Actions like opening doors, affecting cars, etc. are dependent on you looking at the object you'd like to affect in the game. For now, the CET console must be open to be able to interact with the mod UI. 

If you want the bleeding edge version of the mod, the GitHub repo is available here
Note: No support will be provided for bleeding edge versions.

Yamashi - For developing CET in the first place and making this possible.
WhySoSerious - For his awesome work in implementing ImGui and being an invaluable helpful resource.
Expired - For being a scripting god and helping all of us figure out how to use Lua scripting.
neecapp - For figuring out the elevator enable script.
Rfuzzo - For developing amazing tools to allow us to mod this game. 
Gibbed - For developing amazing tools to allow us to mod this game.
CP77 Modding Tools Discord - For being an awesome, wholesome and helpful community.