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Alters the default keyboard controls to be more akin to what you might be used to from other games.

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Altered Controls

Instant Crafting
Instant Upgrading
Instant upgrading/learning of attributes and perks
Right mouse button additionally to dismantle items
Right mouse button additionally to learn/upgrade attributes and perks
Almost all controls that used F previously now use E instead (and vice versa)
Alt instead of double tap WASD to dodge
instead of Tab to use scan vision
Tab instead of I to open HubMenu
I instead of O to open inventory
Mouse4 (thumb button) instead of X to use consumable
Mouse5 (thumb button) instead of Q for quick melee attack
G instead of Alt to holster/unholster/switch weapon
MouseWheelDown instead of MouseWheelUp to switch to next weapon
MouseWheelUp instead of MouseWheelDown to switch to previous weapon
X instead of C to skip dialogue

New: F9 as teleport key, requires Cyber Engine Tweaks and its Debug Menu to be enabled
When properly set up, open the map in game, hover over an existing icon or set a custom marker and press and hold F9 for a second or two. You'll get teleported to the marker.


In game you have to go to the Settings menu, Key Bindings tab and hit the Default button in order to make the new changes work. Otherwise your custom controls file will override the changes made within this mod.


Either use Vortex Mod Manager or install manually.
If you want to install manually, go to [Cyberpunk 2077 Root Folder]\r6\config\ and make a backup of inputContexts.xml and inputUserMappings.xml. Then override those two original files with the ones from this mod.