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Kiroshi Optics FX is a Reshade Preset for Cyberpunk 2077

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Kiroshi Optics FX

It is another visual alternative for Reshade lovers (like me), who always like to try a new preset.
In this preset you will have some changes in the contrast providing a darker black, changes on colors under shadows and colors under the light and the bloom has been slightly changed.

"It's always fun to see the world through new eyes, neh?"
— Wakamoto Noriko, Business Manager for Kiroshi

- Added preset fully compatible with Reshade version 4.9.1

How to install:

- Download the RESHADE 4.9.1.

- Run the file you downloaded "ReShade_Setup_4.9.1.exe" and click in "select a game and manage its Reshade installation".

- In "Select a game or application", search for "Cyberpunk2077.exe" select it and click on "Use selected application".

- You should now "Select effect packages to install"; the easiest and fastest way to proceed is to select all effect packs except the last one on the list "Legacy standard effects". make sure you have not selected "Legacy standard effects" and hit OK to proceed.

- Wait for the packages to download and then you can close the program.

- Now download Kiroshi Optics FX preset and unzip the archive on Cyberpunk 2077\bin\x64 folder

- Launch CyberPunk 2077

- With the game open press the Home key, now go to the Settings tab and in the option "Effect Toggle Key" select a key that will be used to activate and deactivate the preset.

 - Now go back to the Home tab and select "Kiroshi Optics FX" preset.then select the "performance mode" option.

- Hit Home key again to close the panel and that's it, now to deactivate/active the preset just press the key you chose.

I recommend turning off film grain and chromatic aberration.

Below the installation mode with images: