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Archive XL item addition (standalone) band merch for Wretch, a fictional band based in Night City, including decorative LPs, and shirts and tanktops for both fem V and masc V.

Permissions and credits
So who the f*ck is Wretch?

【 Why?: 】
I had a lot of fun making these and I figured I'd drop them here in case anyone else finds merch for a lore-friendly metal band useful and fun or something.

【 What's Included: 】
Item Additions:
T-Shirts and Tanktops: Masc V and Fem V vanilla bodies, all chest sizes, as well as sizes for Gymfiend and Hyst's Body.
Sleeveless Shirt: Masc V and Gymfiend sizes only.
Decor LPs: Requires AMM to spawn. Three LPs in total: 'Hate', 'Nil', and 'Scorpio'. Just search for gh0st or Wretch.

The replacer simply overwrites the Samurai decal on all player character and NPC shirts. It also replaces one decal which is used in a single NPC appearance, so it looks like Wretch is actually releasing an album in 2077. Three Samurai LPs have also been replaced by Wretch ones. (Sorry Samurai we still love you!)

An All-In-One file is available but if you don't want the replacers or vice versa, the files have been separated and you can choose which ones to put into your game.

【 Requirements: 】
TweakXL, ArchiveXL and their requirements. T-Shirts are assigned TorsoInner slots, sleeveless shirt and tanktops are assigned TorsoUnder slots, if you're using EquipmentEX.

【 Installation: 】
Manual: Unpack the zip (using 7-zip or winrar) and drop all folders (archive and r6) directly into your Cyberpunk2077 game directory.
You can use Vortex to install too, but I can't help much with that as I've never used it.
If you had the replacer versions of these from me, make sure to remove those archives as well.

【 Special thanks to: 】
Everyone who spent the time to test and shoot pics of their OCs wearing the merch:
goddessheraaa (heruhh.victoria)
rainbowgoth (gothic_rainbow_panda)
Lokiina (w1ll0w15p)
and zsapunk

【 Thanks to: 】
psiberx for archiveXL, TweakXL and psiberx/DJ_Kovrik for EquipmentEX
GRAYSCALE for the initial items addition tutorial.
manavortex for their items addition guide.
The three CP77 Modding servers I've been lurking on and learning from, and all the tools they've provided.

If you enjoy my work, feel free to check out my Patreon for other content (not mods).