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Archangel appears in Cyberpunk 2077 after 2 years of release.

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.archive file with songs to make replacing.


It replaces Xerzex - Heave Ho (Konrad Oldmoney ft. Frawst) to Archangel
^ f*ck this track ^


I choosed Heave Ho cause it is kinda Heywood rap. Why is it there in Morro Rock? Don't know. But  it bores me and this is a case to add Archangel. What a luck! Both of these tracks are 3 minutes, so Silverhand is in my heart and in radio too.


1. Open the WolvenKit. 2. Go to base\sound\soundbanks. 3. You can use these tables to watch the song list: my backup of big sound list and my own sound list. 4. Add the song you need to the project. Convert it using a) CAPCOM WEM to OGG converter, b) WolvenKit Export Tool. If you gonna make many replacements like me doing nowadays - convert all the .wem files from base\sound\soundbanks to get easy access to them any time and maybe try to help me complete my table. 5. Make a track with the similar length and nature, using a mixing tool, like free tool of Audacity (not ad, an example). RECOMMENDED to use WAV format and 48000Hz. 6. Convert your WAV file to WEM using WolvenKit Import tool or Wwise (import WAV, Convert all audio and find your WEM in cache). 7. Name your WEM file as it named in game files. 8. Build Project in way you want.


Well, I replaced the Black Dog song quite earlier, so it named as Black Dog to Archangel, don't worry - Black Dog is completely safe.

Drag the Mods folder from archive to the game folder. Uses REDmod. If you are unabled to use REDmod - drag the Archive folder