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This mod contains customized model of Yaiba, and also includes bike handling tweak only for Yaiba.
New Colors added. Black and Kaneda Red available.
More colors to be expected near future.

Permissions and credits
This mod is out dated.
Please use  Make Your Own Custom Yaiba Cyber Rat Rod Cafe Racer 2.0
This one stays only for the memory ;)

Thank you so much for the support you guys.
I hope you will have more fun with new version.
I'll see you on the new version.  Cheers chooms ;)

This is my attempt to immerse myself as a biker nomad in this amazing world ;)
If you were a biker you just have to tinker and customize your baby one way or another.
Either you do it your self or have it done by a trusted bike mechanic.
I'm not a major bike nut or anything, but I do have worked on old cars and bikes for a little bit in real life.
I just don't have money and time to go all the way.  I kinda rather play games too you know lol
So, I wanted to feel like actually working on customizing bike in this virtual world.
Modding in this game is a lot different than Skyrim or Fallout and I'm struggling to learn how to get things done at the moment.
I had to learn Blender for this to accomplish what I want for this mod.  It is very sloppy blender work for some parts in the eyes of advanced modders out there I'm sure.  Just be easy on me please xD  But, if you have any advice or suggestions please leave me some comments ;)

The changes I made should be seen in pictures I provided, but here is the detail.

Front/Rear Tires and Rims :
Taken from Arch Nemesis's back wheel.
made it bigger than original.

Front Fork:
Adjusted the size to fit the wheel to not clip through the side wall of tire.

Rear Wheel Cover:
Taken from Thorton Colby C210.
Adjusted the size to fit rear wheel.

Paint job:
Temporary using two yellow paint job asset from dimasnik's Yaiba Kusanagi CT-3X Custom Paint Job Pack
I will provide update in a future to replace that.  But for now, paint job credit goes to him.

.Tweak file
There are three diffent bike sounds.  Basic, Misfit, and Mizuchi.
Since my wheels are bigger you have to use my .tweak file otherwise your wheels will digs under ground and it will look weird.
You have to have REDmod installed.
I made very good handling tweak, so I think many of you will like the bike feeling with my tweak.
Bike speed is not crazy fast like other tweak mods imo, almost normal but it will go over 160mph it reaches around 190mph, and it wont burn out uphill or at high rpm.  It should feel nice ;)  I have try to minimize the slip out when trying to slow down, and it should be better but it will still slide if you brake suddenly.
In case of people want to keep the original handling, I have prepared optional untouched handling tweak file other than the wheel size and spring rate.
You cannot use other bike handling tweaks that changes Yaiba.
If you are using Cyber Vehicle Tweak you have to remove .lua file for Yaiba.
If you are using other Red Mod Tweak for bikes, you have to remove .tweak file for Yaiba.
If you don't know how leave me a comment I will get back to you ASAP.

Just unpack the zip file and drop it in game file like any other mods.
For users of Vortex... I'm sorry, I don't know how Vortex will handle the installation.  You can still try, but I suggest you just install it manually.

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