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My own RedMod version of the Vehicle Driver Combat Mode. FPP camera tweaks. Improved car destruction system and many other nice things.

Permissions and credits
I wanted to create my own RedMod version that better suits for myself. I didn't want to make a clone of the well known mod.
Special thanks to DJ_Kovrik and Scissors for the scripting part of the mod.
Also big thx e256 for translation.

What the mod does
1.0 Driver Combat mode is enabled;
1.1 Smoother camera transition;
1.2 FPP Camera is less loose now but more immersive;
1.3 You can open the driver`s door for a better view (DJ_Kovrik);
1.4 B Key - Opens Door (horn button for gamepad);
1.5 You can aim with right mouse button normally (Scissors);
2.0 FPP camera is slightly tweaked for all cars. (Compatible with the Better Vehicle First Person);
2.1 Smoother camera transition when entering the car;
2.2 Removed flickering when changing seats on trucks and Thorton Mackinaw.
2.3 Some improvements for the passenger FPP camera. (In progress);
3.0 Improved vehicle damage;
3.1 Tornton Galena now can be destroyed properly;
3.2 OnHit mode for vehicle. (In progress);
3.3 Car mirrors, doors now can be destroyed;
4.0 Neon rims are turned on by default for ALL bikes. (Compatible with the Improved Neon Rims Controls mod);
4.1 NCPD cars sirens and beacons are turned on by default.

Optional files 1:
1.0 Increased traffic cars weights: normal type by 40%, trucks by 50%;
1.1 Reduced traffic cars swaying when they stop;
2.0 Aggressive pedestrians and androids now can drop weapons when defeated.

Can't fix right now:
1. Camera transitions to Driver Combat for the cars: Rayfeld, Harera, Turbo V-Tech;
2. Driver Combat mode for trucks;
3. Camera transitions for motorcycles;
4. Some animation issues with hands;
5. OnHit mode doesn't work for the Tornton Mackinaw.

You can't use in Driver Combat mode:
1. Weapon slot 4.
2. Implants and grenades.

Known issues:
1. When you exit the Driver Combat mode with the "Improved Neon Rims Controls" mod active, headlights are turned off.
2. One of the Kaukaz trucks has its horn on in traffic.
3. Vehicle explode with Let There Be Flight mod.
4. Safe value for smothing transition for mod Better Vehicle First Person: Z Multipler, FOV
5. In Type66 Avenger hard or imposibl to shoot. You can fix it if use BVF mod, play with zMult value.
6. FOV with BVF mod after transition in to Driver Comat mode reset FOV value for vehicle.

1. Unzip to the Cyberpunk 2077 folderНАЗВАНИЕ: 
Driver Combat Mode (RedMod)
My own RedMod version of the Vehicle Driver Combat Mode. FPP camera tweaks. Improved car destruction system and many other nice things.