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Who doesn't love Keanu?

Your downloads will be exclusively supporting the Make-A-Wish Foundation so, spread the love like Keanu!!!

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Well, the title says it all, but if still unclear, this is a mod for the shortcut icon of Cyberpunk 2077.

You can now click on Johnny Silverhand / Keanu Reeves himself to start your new favorite game and spread some liberating anarchy in this corporate capitalistic dystopia!

What you get?

1) Custom-made high-resolution shortcut icons!
2) There are 3 different versions and the raw files (.PNG format) are also included for further modification if you so desire! 
3) Check the mod's pictures to see what you'll be getting!
4) Your downloads will be exclusively supporting the Make-A-Wish Foundation via Nexus Donation Points!
5) So what are you waiting for, spread the love like Keanu!!!

How to install?

1) Easy, firstly download the mod package.
2) Choose your ONE preferred version.
3) Right-click your vanilla Cyberpunk 2077 shortcut icon or game shortcut inside your game launcher.
4) Open the properties panel and you will find an option to change shortcut.
5) Locate the place where you unpacked your preferred version in .ICO format and select it.
6) Click either "Apply", "OK" or both and you're set!
7) Enjoy!


1) Don't be rude if you don't like this mod! 
2) Mod authors spent a LOT of their free time to make FREE STUFF and share them with this lovely community!
3) Bad and impolite comments don't help anyone, other than your misplaced sense of self-entitlement!
4) Like other minority modders, be warned that rude, obnoxious, unkind comments of any kind will be removed with extreme prejudice and reported if extremely threatening/discriminatory!