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Changes the objective tracker and manual map markers on the HUD to be basic distance / numbers / text only. No large icons and pulsing animations. Alternate small font & distance only versions available. Optional mods to hide additional HUD elements.

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Recommend using the excellent LIMITED HUD mod if you want to customize the hud for CP2077. These files are for an old version of the game and will not be updated!

This might be useful for some. Gone are the distracting and annoying bright circle icons and pulsing circle animations around it. You will mainly see the distance in meters to the target, and also the text of the location from certain markers when looking directly at them. Should also show small arrows to indicate heights above and below.

*Added alternate versions with only distance numbers (no text locations when looking) to the Misc files section.
*Added alternate versions with smaller fonts with normal and distance numbers only variations.

Of all Minimal Marker mods, pick and use only one, delete any others to be sure the one you want works!
The exception is with the two Minimal Optional files, you can add one of those to any version of Minimal Markers.

I stumbled into this in trying to find a way to hide the forced quest markers and only show manual placed ones. I think that's impossible for now, but this is still less obnoxious than the default if you prefer to have some guidance. I'd still recommend the full removal with this mod if you don't mind checking the map and learning the layout of the world to get around. It's a lot more immersive, what I prefer.

Thanks to rfuzzo for the tools. Credit to SilverEzredes, Crazy Potato, Spicy2332 and others for their work, and all the info here and on the discord for making this relatively simple.

Comes in two versions, the default bright yellow color scheme, and alternate red tint to better match and blend in with the default hud coloring. I could try to add more color options later if anyone really wants those instead (green, blue, white, grey should be possible).

NOTE: Changing the quest marker color to another color like the optional red one unfortunately changes the icons on the map to red as well, which can be kinda rough since the map itself is red. You have been warned! I would suggest using the map filters to better see the quests if using the red color mod. 

I could not find a way to change just the HUD marker colors and not the icons on the map along with that. It's something else that seems to currently be impossible without full tools. If anyone knows a solution there, let me know and I'll try to update it. If it bothers you, use the default yellow one. I am not sure how this affects the mini-map - I do not use it and have not tested it. I can't say what all it may break, for that matter. Use at your own risk and all that!