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Definitive Experience is a Reshade preset for players who prefer clean looks with no fog, enhanced lighting and great details without destorting the looks intended by developers of the game.

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This Reshade mod removes "milky colors" mixed with fog, adds color/light balance and adds details with slight touch of additional antialiasing without oversharping the picture and insane contrast etc.

V2 added greatly improved Antialiasing and picture sharpness (FXAA no longer being used), fixed some of the hair aliasing. Also fixed some reported issues with black colors being crushed in several situations and improved framerate drop (3-4fps instead of 7fps in v1.2) > see V2 pics

To install:
- make sure to disable Film grain in game, leave all other settings as you like
- preferably install Reshade (tested with 4.9.1) with all options checked to ensure no files are missing
- insert mod file to Cyberpunk 2077\bin\x64
- launch the game and select Cyberpunked.ini preset in drop-down menu

It was made and tested @1440p resolution.