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All the item lists were missing a huge amount of crafting recipes, so I messed around and found a whole bunch of them.

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**It looks like everything here is now included in Bartovalenza's excellent "CATEGORIZED ITEMS HASH LIST"**
That's probably from where I'll be pulling my item strings from here on out, unless I run into one I can't find. I suggest you head over and check it out. Be sure to give it an endorsement. Lots of us seem to forget to do that.

I'll leave this mod up for now, more as a redirect than anything.

Most of the item ID lists I've seen were a bit light on recipes. It seemed like whenever I wanted to craft something specific I couldn't find the recipe. It was bugging me so I messed around with some item codes and found about 175 additional recipes beyond what I've seen in the most complete item list to date. I still don't have diddly squat for clothing recipes, but hopefully that'll change soon.

I know some folks are trying to compile master item lists. Here's my little contribution, feel free to use or include it in whatever you want. I'll take it down once it's more-or-less common knowledge.

Update 12/27/2020:
Jebus folks, this wasn't meant to be a cheat so you could copy/paste the item commands into your game. It was for the guys compiling master lists to look at take from, and maybe get ideas for syntax from while they're hunting down more item strings. If you feel the list is useless, that's because it isn't for you.

Also It's a WIP. I go hunt down recipes as I realize my V is missing them in game. A few of the new recipes aren't quite right, missing an underscore or maybe have a typo, sorry. If the list isn't to your satisfaction go hunt down the recipes on your own and post your own list, please! 

As soon as I'm satisfied that this stuff is on most of the item lists, like the ones here, here, and here, it's going away. 

That said... to minimize complaining I did get rid of the text file in favor of my excel file with both the item strings and the console commands, prettied up a bit of course.