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ImGui utility to boost performance with hidden options!

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ImGui utility to boost performance with hidden options!

Screenshots were taken on 720p and lowest settings from the game's menu. Screenshots Tagged Modded have everything disabled, MaxStreamingDistance is left at default values as well as MipBias. Screenshots Tagged Modded MipBias 16 have everything disabled, MaxStreamingDistance is left at default values and MipBias is set to 16.


  1. Download Cyber Engine Tweaks/CyberEngineTweaks. Drop its contents in your game's folder.
  2. Download my mod and drop its contents in your game's folder.
  3. Should look like this: \Cyberpunk2077\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods\Potato\init.lua

Details for optional .ini file:

I've made a .ini file with every option this mod is using. I've set everything to disabled except for Hair, Crowd, Weather, Distant/Cascade Shadows. Max Streaming Distance and ForceCustomMipBias are set to default.

Can't figure out saving these values with lua just yet so this is an easy workaround. The game is going to launch with whatever values you've set in the .ini file. You can then change them in-game using the mod's menu and manually update the .ini file with a text editor if needed.

Download the .zip file from the mod's files page and drop its contents in your game's folder. 
Should look like this: \Cyberpunk 2077\engine\config\platform\pc\potato.ini

How to use:

  1. Launch the game. CyberEngineTweaks is going to ask you to assign a HotKey to open its menu. Do whatever suits you, something like the "End" button. My mod's menu will open along with CyberEngineTweaks' menu.
  2. Load your save file. Don't mess with Weather, Distant/Cascade Shadows before spawning, it might break some lighting effects.
  3. Once you've spawned into your world you can hit the HotKey you've assigned and start experimenting with all the settings!

Important notes:

  • Requires Reloading = Reload save.
  • When re-enabling Crowd, you can either reload your save or change areas (by driving, walking some distance) and the roaming cars/pedestrians will start spawning again.
  • Weather seems to require reloading multiple times? Will break indoor lighting when it's daytime? 
  • Cascade Shadows and Distant Shadows need to be enabled before loading to a different time of the day in order to avoid broken lighting.
  • Default MaxStreamingDistance is set to 23170.251953 :O. Min value is set to 100. Anything lower than that and V is falling through the ground. Reported to break quests from Dakota in Badlands (GIG: Trevor's Last Ride, GIG: MIA, GIG: Goodbye, Night City) when set to 4000.


Changed layout and fixed/updated some descriptions.

Fixed max value for MaxStreamingDistance.

ForceCustomMipBias and MaxStreamingDistance can now be dragged in smaller increments. Can also type values.

Fixed limits for ForceCustomMipBias and MaxStreamingDistance.

Changed layout. Added more options.

Fixed MaxStreamingDistance layout. Fixed Static Decals option.

Removed No Info options.

Added more options. They don't seem to do much on my rig, but might help someone else.

Added ContrastAdaptiveSharpening. Not sure if it is even doing anything but it is enabled by default.

Removed some options that did nothing.

3200g Radeon 8
16gb 3200Mhz

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