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Bikes are now faster, handle way better and feel unique.

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Make sure to install REDmod DLC and enable mods. This proccess changes depending on your launcher.

Bikes felt like they didn't turn enough or didn't lean enough, in fact, they felt slow and I wasn't having fun driving them.
This mod solves exactly this, bikes now lean and turn way better while being a lot faster in acceleration and maximum speed.

This mod is compatible with any vehicle overhaul .ini mods
Not compatible with Cyber Vehicle Overhaul, the only way to make them compatible is:

Go to Cyberpunk 2077\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods\Cyber Vehicle Overhaul\modules
In this folder find all the bikes and delete the  "nameofthebike".lua files.

- V now leans with the bike like a proffesional driver
- Bikes bounce less
- Bikes accelerates way faster
- Higher maximum speed, see the details below
- Handling is much better
- Gear overhaul
- Brake for front wheel, handbrake for rear wheel
- Jackie's Arch and Scorpion's Apollo are slightly better than their standard versions

You can modify the bikes to your liking by modifying the .tweak files in my mod, remember to update the version in the info.json file for the changes to work

I'm planning to change the center of mass, luckily allowing for wheelies when accelerating way too fast.

- From 150mph to 250mph
- Turns way better than before, good acceleration, most maximum speed

- From 157mph to 225mph
- Turns better than the Kusanagi and accelerates faster, less maximum speed

- From 137mph to 220mph
- Apollo bikes are now a standalone bike and are not anymore linked to the Arch values
- Turns better than the Kusanagi and Arch, less acceleration and maximum speed

These are the general changes but you may like a bike over another so... TRY THEM ALL! Feel free to post any media that helps users to understand better what the mod does.

Simply unzip the file into your Cyberpunk 2077 folder.

English tutorial on how to use REDmod

Spanish tutorial on how to use REDmod