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CDPR showed a beautiful version of the game in 2019. It's not what we got, not even close. I've meticulously restored these visuals over a course of 6 months, and this is the final conclusion of that effort.

Permissions and credits
3.2.0 released! Faster eye adaptation, blacker blacks, brighter sun! INSTALLATION FORMAT CHANGED, look at patch notes!!!
Also, to sometimes fix broken sun, make quicksave with F5 and load with F9.

V4 is in development and will be released sometime in 2023.
Sorry for seeming to abandon this mod, it just needs a full rework and it will take time. I'm sorry that R19 is as buggy as it is, but, I can't fix that easily.

A few years ago, CD Projekt RED released a preview into the world of their upcoming game, Cyberpunk 2077. It was beautiful, the game looked perfect, at least visually. Then, a year came and went, with little fanfare to the assumed masterpiece. But I didn't take too much offense to how the game played, nor to how the game worked. I had issues with how it looked. Neither previews were accurate, the game too dark and too bright at the same time. Horrible.

I went on a year-and-a-half long project to learn and create a mod to fix it. I think I've achieved this.

R19 (aka. RESTORE 2019, RESTORE3 2019, & R3 2019) is a mod made for Cyberpunk 2077 to restore the visuals from the 2019 demo.
Restored from old files, I think I've created the most loyal and accurate recreation of 2019. You be the judge by opening the gallery above, and pull up the video on the side, and try to spot the difference without nitpicking.


This does not use any post-processing, simply copying and re-making old files. No new assets are included, simply replaced ones.
All pictures taken with 1080p resolution, DLSS on auto, and all settings on maximum. No ReShade applied. Results may vary from images.

I actually encourage you remove ReShades or turn them off on startup. Use this edit provided by Mi55ionary:
Edit your ReShade.ini


If you're just using ReShade for color grading, I promise this mod will already do that for you!

This mod is one of the first to support REDmod. Obviously, this means downloading REDmod "DLC" and running the game with -modded or "Enable mods" in REDpreLauncher.
  1. Remove all lighting mods and weather mods from your mods. This includes Dravic's Auto-exposure fix and weather probability rebalances.
  2. Download the zip file.
  3. Download and install latest WolvenKit Nightly
  4. Unzip file into <root>/mods/
  5. Open up WolvenKit Nightly and click Mod Manager
  6. Tick enable (if it is not ticked yet)
  7. Click deploy

Commandline installation is now unsupported, please use WolvenKit Nightly instead.

Update 9/8/22
Fixed black skies in areas that use weather_light_clouds. Still semi-broken in Northside, though. Make a quicksave with F5 and reload with F9 for the grey skies to go away.

Update 9/8/22 (two in one day???)
Removed T19's as a more efficient way to do them is in the works. Wait a few days for the release of that. Other than that, changed default exposureCompensation at midnight from -3 to -2. This basically merges Light Nights into main file.

Update 9/11/22
Changed exposureCompensation to be a static -1. Although this might seem bright, after consideration, it provides a realistic version of how Night City would look like, having hundreds of lights in even alleys. Also changed exposureMin to be double, this should make dark interiors more playable.

Update 9/17/22
Multiplied exposureMin by 10! Should completely eradicate any darkness, no exceptions!

Update 9/18/22
Added volumetric clouds with help from L3X4R's (WT3WD, creator of E3 2019/2018 Lighting Mod), adjusted tonemapping to even closer resemble 2019 video! Also, new screenshots!

Update 10/2/22
Sped up exposure adaptation, brightened sun, even better tonemapping! About ~6 times the speed beforehand. 
CHANGED THE FORMAT! Disable "R3 2019" and remove REDmod by right-clicking on it in WolvenKit and selecting "Remove Mod". After then, install "R19" and enable it, then deploy.

If you are using Archive version, you need to remove "R3 2019.archive" and replace it with the updated "R19.archive".

Upload your awesome screenshots and videos! You don't need my permission, and I'll keep them up as long as you don't include weird stuff. You should be able to come up with your own reasonable regulation for that.

I'd appreciate it if you didn't use ReShade or post-process, but it's truly up to you now! Share your shots. I would appreciate it even more if you added a title including your username, or if you used ReShade or not.

Thank you for downloading!
Copyright (c) 2022 nullfractal
Licensed under MIT. Allowed for redistribution and modification as long as attribution is met.