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!!!1.6+ Update!!! Works in photomode too!
This is AMM addon that puts on Nibbles a sweater in 9 colors to choose.

Permissions and credits
Sweater for Nibbles
Credit for the idea to Halk/Arcandoria 

~~ WORKS WITH 1.6+ ~~

Hi! This is AMM add-on (but works standalone too in PhotoMode on 1.6) that puts on Nibbles a sweater in 9 colors (USE ON AT THE TIME!)

This mod wouldn’t be possible if not… at this point a group effort of amazing people who guided me through several processes, check them in credits!

I will update this mod in the future for more colors.

Drop ONE archive into your mod folder
"\Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\mod\"

In AMM spawn Nibbles in any pose (mind you “Drinking” doesn’t work)

Known issues:
  • clipping with some poses
  • “Nibbles Drinking” in AMM doesn’t have the sweater

For modders: You can find me under @Vesna on REDModding server in case you have any questions.

Credits and my huge thanks to:
Of course to Halk for the idea
Special thanks to arasakas-ronin for helping me with UV map and mental support 
Big thanks to MaximilliumM for providing AMM .ents
BeautiDuwanger for the incredible help with custom .mlsetup with Nola Dreamer
Wizjer for guiding me thru MD
Wingdeer for guidance with .ent and fixing my mistakes
Zink and Nx for trying with me figure out what’s wrong
Lady Discord and Rosslin for pointing me to tutorials
EzioMaverick and Xbae for tutorials I used
Prince of llamas for teaching me Mlsetup Builder
Nora Lee for answering questions and making me see other solution
Gonkposting for being awesome and as always supportive
To my dad for bringing me food because who remembers about eating while modding (not me)

Thanks for the pictures to:
Arasakas-ronin, Zink, Halk, Gigil, CrypticOpal, aDwarfLegion, @CaffeinatedRogue