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Ultra Enhanced Reshade.
Get the most details out of a preset with very little performance loss.
No over-sharpening.
No color alteration.
No pitch black contrast.
Preserves the vanilla visibility in dark areas.

Permissions and credits
Ultra Enhanced Reshade (Performance Friendly)

Reshade Offerings:

* Enhanced Graphics/Texture details (No over-sharpening)
* No color alteration.
* No pitch black contrast.
* Preserves the vanilla visibility in dark areas.
* Maximum 0.5-1.5 FPS loss on 1080p

Change Log 1.3:
*Performance hit should be even lower now.
*Added less brutal sharpening with Lumasharpen. (CAS by AMD is now optional as a lumasharpen alternative)

*DPX(more contrast highlight), FXAA(more anti-aliasing) and Vibrance(more saturation) are totally optional.

Installation Guide:
Make sure that you have installed reshade first (
After that extract all the mod files in the directory of "Cyberpunk2077.exe"
Replace if it prompts to replace files.

Troubleshoot: If your reshade doesn't work properly try changing dxgi.dll to dxd12.dll or d3d12.dll

Press "Home" key inside the game for reshade settings overlay.
Press "Page Up" to toggle reshade.
There are three effects enabled by default. Keep it as it is.

*If you want better(blurry) anti aliasing then enable "FXAA" in the settings overlay. (FXAA might cost you 0.5 to 1 FPS)
*If you want more over the top saturation then enable vibrance.

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