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Replace Xbox controller prompt by playstation button prompt.

Permissions and credits
For people using Dualsense (ps5) or using steam input PS configuration with a DS4 controller, the game will show Xbox button prompt.
Until an official patch for this problem, this mod fix that and display the correct prompt/icons.

Note : only tested in the menu/early game but it should work at all time.
 Should also work with GOG version.

installation : 
Use mod manager or unzip in game root folder
If updating from 1.1 or 1.0 : uninstall old version first.

Manual Uninstall :
use mod manager
version < 1.2 : delete the basegame_psprompt.archive file in ..\archive\pc\mod\ or ..\archive\pc\patch\
version 1.2 and + :  delete the modPs Prompt CyberFix.archive file in ..\archive\pc\mod\

Credits :
7Zip by the Igor Pavlov
Rfuzzo and the CP77 Tools modding community @ https://discord.gg/Epkq79kd96
jchunn for the 1.6 Fix


1. How does this mod work :

It just replaces two files in the basegame_4_gamedata archive. These files are responsible to link inputs/mappings to the icon texture files. I merely replaced the 2 files for the xbox controller by their "playsation" equivalent. I used CP77 Tools by Rfuzzo & teams to unpack and repack.

2. Why, both input and prompt work for me :

The PS gamepad won't be recognized by the game and switched to default (xbox prompt) :
  • When using the PS5 dualsense and not the dualshock 4
  • When using steam input or launching the game through steam with ps support

For the dualsense one solution to have the correct prompt, beside this mod, is to use DS4Windows and force DS4 emulation with steam input deactivated but you'll lose vibration. But if you want to use steam input (for PS5 DS or for button remapping for example) there's no solution, for now, but this mod to have the correct prompt in game.